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The Best TV Wall Mount Selecting the best TV wall mount depends on various factors like TV size, mounting pattern, flexibility, and personal preferences.

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Corner TV Mounts

Specifically designed for corner placements.

  • VideoSecu Corner TV Wall Mount: Provides adjustment for both tilt and swivel.

Fixed Mounts

Ideal for a clean, flush look against the wall.

  • Echogear Low Profile Fixed TV Wall Mount: Known for its simplicity and sturdy build.

Tilting Mounts

Allow slight tilting for better viewing angles.

  • Sanus Classic MLT14-B1: Offers easy tilting and a sturdy design.

The Best TV Wall Mount client reviews

Echogear Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount: Customers love its flexibility, allowing for easy adjustments and extending the TV from the wall. Its sturdy build and ease of installation receive positive feedback.

Sanus Classic MLT14-B1: Known for its durability and smooth tilting mechanism, users appreciate its ability to tilt for better viewing angles. It’s often praised for being easy to set up as well.

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Choose your Best TV Wall Mount

While I don’t have personal preferences, several TV wall mounts have gained popularity for their reliability and features. Here are a couple of options that often receive positive feedback

TV Turntables

TV turntables, also known as TV swivel bases or rotating stands, are accessories designed to facilitate easy rotation or swiveling of a television set. These platforms are particularly useful when you want to adjust the viewing angle of your TV without physically moving the entire TV or stand.

TV Mount Stand

TV mount stands, also known as floor TV stands or TV mount carts, are freestanding structures designed to hold and display TVs without the need for wall mounting. These stands offer flexibility in positioning the TV and are especially useful when wall mounting isn’t feasible or desired.

TV Wall Mounts

TV wall mounts are fixtures used to securely attach a television to a wall. They come in various types and designs to suit different TV sizes, preferences, and room layouts.

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Fixed Mounts

These mounts keep the TV snug against the wall, offering a sleek and low-profile look. They don’t allow for movement or adjustments once installed. Ideal for spaces where the viewing angle doesn’t need to be changed frequently.

Tilting Mounts

These mounts enable vertical tilting of the TV up or down. They are useful when the TV needs to be mounted higher on the wall, allowing adjustment for a better viewing angle from different seated positions.

Full-Motion or Articulating Mounts

Offering the most flexibility, these mounts allow swiveling, tilting, and extending the TV away from the wall. They’re great for spaces where you need the TV to be visible from various angles or rooms with multiple seating arrangements.

Corner TV Mounts

Specifically designed for corner placement, these mounts are angled to fit TVs in corners, providing options for both tilt and swivel to optimize viewing angles.

Motorized Mounts

These mounts come with a motorized mechanism, allowing remote-controlled movement for adjusting the viewing angle. They provide convenience in changing positions without manually adjusting the TV.

Ceiling Mounts

Instead of mounting the TV on a wall, these mounts attach the TV to the ceiling, which can be useful in rooms where wall space is limited or for unconventional viewing setups.

what people say about us?

business owner


Awesome. I chose this product over an even cheaper alternative. While all had great reviews. I don’t know something about the fact that this Sanus weighed 10 lbs and the other cheaper ones weight 4-5 lbs. And all to keep my really heavy LCD up on a wall.

Marketing Director


I got this Wirecutter top-recommended TV mount to mount a new 77″ TV on a brick wall above a fireplace. (Drilling 3″ holes into brick is a challenge and makes a mess, but that has nothing to do with the mount.) Instructions for the mount were clear, and the hookup to the TV was straightforward.

general manager


Bottom line, this is an EXCELLENT, adjustable TV mount product with high quality manufacturing. I was impressed by its capability, workmanship and it earned a solid five stars.