Easy DIY Installation: TV Bracket Screws and Fixings Kit

Learn about the TV bracket fixing kit, including TV bracket screws from Argos and wall bracket fixings from Screwfix, for a hassle-free DIY installation.

Exploring TV Bracket Fixing Kits

What Is a TV Bracket Fixing Kit?

A TV bracket fixing kit is a comprehensive set of screws, bolts, washers, and other hardware components designed to securely mount a TV bracket to various wall surfaces. These kits typically include everything you need for installation, eliminating the need to purchase individual components separately.

Components of a TV Bracket Fixing Kit
  • Screws: Different sizes and types of screws are included to accommodate various TV bracket models and wall types. Common screw sizes include M4, M6, and M8.
  • Bolts: Heavy-duty bolts are provided for attaching the TV bracket to wall studs or other load-bearing structures.
  • Washers: Washers are used to distribute the load and prevent damage to the wall surface during installation.
  • Wall Plugs: Wall plugs, also known as anchors or rawl plugs, are inserted into the wall to provide a secure anchor point for screws and bolts.

TV Bracket Screws from Argos


Argos offers a wide selection of TV bracket screws and fixing kits suitable for different TV sizes and wall types.TV bracket screws argos these kits are designed to simplify the installation process and ensure a secure mounting solution for your TV.

  • Variety: Argos provides TV bracket screws and fixings kits in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different mounting requirements.
  • Quality: The screws and fixings supplied by Argos are made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and reliability.

Wall Bracket Fixings from Screwfix


Screwfix offers a range of wall bracket fixings specifically designed for mounting TVs and other heavy items securely to walls. Wall bracket fixings screwfix these fixings are suitable for use with a variety of wall materials, including plasterboard, brick, and concrete.

Installation Tips
  • Pre-Drilling: Before installing the fixings, it’s essential to pre-drill pilot holes in the wall to prevent damage and ensure accurate placement.
  • Use of Anchors: When mounting the TV bracket to plasterboard or drywall, use wall anchors or toggles to provide additional support and prevent the screws from pulling out under the weight of the TV.


A TV bracket fixing kit, including TV bracket screws from Argos and wall bracket fixings from Screwfix, provides all the necessary components for a successful DIY installation. By following the provided instructions and using the appropriate hardware, you can securely mount your TV bracket to any wall surface with confidence.

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