Universal Compatibility: VESA Certified TV Brackets and Wall Mounts

Ensuring your TV bracket or wall mount is compatible with your television is crucial for a secure and stable installation. Our VESA certified TV brackets and wall mounts offer universal compatibility, making them suitable for a wide range of TV sizes and brands.

TV Bracket VESA Certification

VESA certification guarantees that our TV brackets meet the standards set by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA), ensuring compatibility with most TVs on the market.

Rigorous Testing

To receive VESA certification, our TV brackets undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet specific criteria for safety, reliability, and compatibility. This testing process includes assessments of load-bearing capacity, durability, and adherence to VESA mounting standards.

Compatibility Assurance

With VESA certified TV brackets, you can have peace of mind knowing that your bracket is compatible with VESA-compliant TVs, regardless of the brand or model. This compatibility assurance eliminates the guesswork and ensures a hassle-free installation process.

Wide Range of Options

Our VESA certified TV brackets come in a variety of styles and configurations to suit different TV sizes and mounting preferences. Whether you have a small, medium, or large TV, you can find a bracket that fits your needs.

TV Wall Brackets for 55-Inch TVs

Our TV wall brackets for 55-inch TVs are specifically designed to provide secure and stable mounting for TVs of this size.

Heavy-Duty Construction

Designed to support the weight of larger TVs, our wall brackets for 55-inch TVs feature heavy-duty construction and robust materials such as steel or aluminum. This ensures that your TV remains securely mounted to the wall, minimizing the risk of accidents or damage.

Adjustable Features

Many of our wall brackets for 55-inch TVs come with adjustable features such as tilt, swivel, and articulation, allowing you to customize the viewing angle for optimal comfort and visibility. Adjustments can be made effortlessly to achieve the perfect viewing position from anywhere in the room.

Easy Installation Process

Installing a wall bracket for your 55-inch TV is quick and easy, with all the necessary hardware and instructions included. Our brackets come with mounting templates and step-by-step guides to ensure a seamless installation process, even for beginners.

TV Wall Bracket for 32-Inch TVs

Our TV wall brackets for 32-inch TVs are designed to provide a secure and space-saving mounting solution for smaller TVs.

Compact Design

Featuring a compact and low-profile design, our wall brackets for 32-inch TVs allow you to maximize space in your room while still enjoying the benefits of a mounted TV. These brackets sit close to the wall, creating a sleek and minimalist look.

Versatile Mounting Options

Our wall brackets for 32-inch TVs offer versatile mounting options, allowing you to choose between fixed, tilt, or articulating brackets depending on your preferences. This flexibility ensures that you can find the perfect bracket to suit your viewing needs.

Durable Construction

Despite their compact size, our wall brackets for 32-inch TVs are constructed from durable materials to provide reliable support and stability. Rest assured that your TV will remain securely mounted to the wall, providing a safe and enjoyable viewing experience for years to come.

With our VESA certified TV brackets and wall mounts, you can enjoy universal compatibility and peace of mind knowing that your TV is securely mounted for optimal viewing. Whether you have a 55-inch TV or a 32-inch TV, we have the perfect bracket for your needs.

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